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The country’s largest concrete gutter replacement specialist

So many of the small “one-man band” concrete gutter companies claim to be the biggest in the UK, when in truth none of them even come close to a quarter of Adefts’ turnover or workload. Last year alone our teams replaced more than £3 million pounds worth of concrete guttering.

Financial stability

Adefts’ turnover and size make us a financially stable company giving you peace of mind that we will be here long term to protect your investment. Unlike the majority of other suppliers in our industry who are small in both size and turnover, giving them a weak financial position. This means that should they ever go bust, you as a customer are left without a guarantee.

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An office with dedicated departments

A lot of companies use virtual offices to give the appearance of having an actual office, this is popular amongst one-man bands, with Adeft you can rest assured that we have a large office with dedicated departments for sales, installations and customer care, ensuring there is always someone to help you with anything you need.

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Office Environment
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Why choose


Choosing Adeft isn’t just about the details of each installation, it’s also about the peace of mind offered by the fact you’ll be working with the biggest concrete gutter replacement company in the UK.

The size of our company and the turnover we handle is reflected in the fact that we’ve been granted a licence by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). Not only does this allow us to offer our customers extremely attractive finance plans, it also underlines the long term stability of our business model.

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Adeft Team

Quality care team

We don’t take our excellence for granted and we never rest on our laurels. We employ a dedicated quality supervisor to inspect all the materials we purchase and the work of our fitters. Furthermore by instigating UK wide onsite spot checks we ensure that standards are never allowed to slip.

Happy Customers of Adeft Services

“Would like to thank you for such a wonderful job your sales rep and workmen did with the new guttering, to our house everything was done so professional and skilful .”

Mrs Patel | Scarborough

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