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Concrete Gutter Replacement In Berkshire

Concrete guttering is also known as finlock guttering, and was only ever installed on 70,000 houses built in the UK. The reason why this number isn’t higher is the massive impact which concrete gutter problems tended to have on the people living in those homes. The flaws built into the concrete guttering solutions mean that it is bound to fail eventually, and when it does, the search for concrete gutter solutions begins.

All too often those solutions amount to sealing the inside of the concrete gutter. While this may seem like a quick and simple concrete gutter solution the downside is that it won’t deal with the underlying problems. Sealing may cover the gaps between blocks won’t do anything to deal with the wider issues caused by failing concrete guttering, and these wider issues can be extremely serious.

Why Replace Concrete Gutters?

If you’ve suffered the impact of failing concrete guttering then you’ll know just how severe they can be. In simple terms, the failing guttering enables water to ingress to the interior of the house to which it is fitted. The degree and severity of the ingress will vary, depending upon how badly the guttering is failing and where the faults are located, but the problems caused are likely to include water marks on interior walls, damp patches and the appearance of mould.

When you factor in the hidden impact which water ingress is also likely to have on the fabric of a building, it’s clear that some kind of action is needed.
The most effective form that this action can take is replacing the failing concrete guttering with new uPVC guttering, a maintenance free, up to date and highly effective alternative

Here at Adeft Services LTD we know everything there is
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Concrete Gutters Throughout Berkshire

If you come to Adeft Services LTD to have the work carried out then you’ll be able to enjoy the following advantages:

Spreading the cost and enhancing affordability via our flexible payment options

The safety net of a 10 year insurance back warranty which outperforms the kind of industry standard guarantee offered by other providers

Installation which is carried out by expert technicians with more than two decades worth of experience to call on

Guttering, fascias and soffits which are all manufactured from the best, A grade uPVC, guaranteeing no discolouration even after 12-18 months

The knowledge that Adeft Services LTD are the leading UK experts in the replacement of failing concrete guttering

Public liability insurance worth up to £5 million

Technicians using access equipment which conforms to the highest standards in health and safety

Customer service delivered by dedicated departments staffed by team members ready to answer all of your questions

A broad range of styles and colours to select from when choosing your new uPVC guttering

Concrete guttering can damage the fabric of your home

Impact on your finances and even affect the health of your family. Deal with the issue today by getting in touch with Adeft.

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