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Concrete Gutter Replacement Norfolk

Anybody who has lived in a house which has concrete gutters installed will find it easy to believe that these gutters – also known as finlock gutters – are riddled with flaws. The reality is that the flaws mean that concrete gutters are always going to fail, and that’s the reason why they were only ever installed on 70,000 houses built across the whole of the UK.

The nature of this failure creates concrete gutter problems which have a huge impact on the fabric of the house in question. Water is able to ingress to the interior of the house, where it can attack and damage the walls and ceilings. The damage in question will make itself plain through signs such as water marks, damp patches and, most serious of all, the growth of mould which can be damaging to people’s health.

Why Replace Concrete Gutters?

Given the negative effect that this could have on the lives of people coping with it, it’s not surprising that concrete guttering repair is greatly sought after. Unfortunately, the solution often suggested to people involves lining concrete gutters with a waterproof lining, or repairing an existing lining.

A lining like this is only meant to seal the gaps and so a repair of this kind actually makes the underlying problem of water ingress worse. In reality, the only effective solution to concrete gutter problems involves removing the concrete guttering entirely and having it replaced with new, attractive uPVC guttering.

Here at Adeft Services LTD we know everything there is
to know about concrete gutter replacement.


Concrete Gutters Throughout Norfolk

This is the process which we specialise in at Adeft Services LTD, and our customers get to enjoy a huge range of benefits, such as:

Affordability delivered through flexible payment plans which enable you to spread the cost of the work we do

Skilled installers who have been delivering excellent results for our customers for a combined total of over two decades

Components which are all constructed from the best, grade A uPVC. This commitment to quality means that our soffits, fascias and guttering won’t start to fade after 12-18 months

Our experience and track record means that we can rightly claim to be the leading UK experts in the removal and replacement of concrete gutters

We offer public liability cover worth up to £5 million

The access equipment used by our installers has all been chosen to comply with the highest standards of health and safety

We deal with any customer queries through a system of dedicated customer service departments on hand to answer questions on everything from an initial quote to the installation process

The luxury of putting together the exact system you want to see by choosing from a very wide range of styles and colours

If your concrete gutters are failing it will damage your house

Impact your finances and drastically affect your quality of life. Get in touch with us today to find out more about the only effective solution.

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