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Essex Concrete Gutter Replacement

The problems which are always caused by concrete gutters can make it difficult to understand why house builders ever thought it was a good idea to have them installed. In fact, only 70,000 houses in the whole of the UK were ever built with this solution in place, which demonstrates just how quickly it became apparent that flaws in concrete gutters mean that they are clearly not fit for purpose.

The flaws in question mean that all concrete gutters are bound to fail eventually, and when they do the effects can be catastrophic. Failing concrete gutters will let water ingress into the house on which it is installed. Invasive water of this kind can damage the fabric of walls and ceilings in the house, as well as causing visible signs like damp patches and water marks. In addition to this the damp will encourage the growth of black mould, something which is thought to pose a potential threat to the health of people who have to live with it.

Why Replace Concrete Gutters?

When all of this is taken into account it’s no surprise that householders are desperate to find effective concrete gutter solutions. Unfortunately the solution which is often suggested is far from effective, as it involves repairing or replacing the concrete gutter lining.

Since this lining is only in place to seal the gaps, repairing it will do little to stop the problems of water ingress and may actually make them worse. The only solution which actually deals with the problems once and for all involves removing the concrete completely and having it replaced with new, no maintenance uPVC guttering.

Here at Adeft Services LTD we know everything there is
to know about concrete gutter replacement.


Concrete Gutters Throughout Essex

Adeft Services LTD are market leaders when it comes to providing this kind of full service solution, and customers who come to us enjoy all of this:

Installation work which is carried out by highly trained technicians with a combined track record of delivering excellence for more than 20 years

The fact that every component we use, from the guttering to the fascias and soffits, is made of the best grade A uPVC. Unlike poorer quality uPVC this won’t start to fade and discolour after just 12-18 months in situ

The option of spreading the cost over a longer period through our flexible payment plans A written guarantee often offers limited long term protection, so instead we offer a 10 year insurance back warranty

We work with public liability insurance worth up to £5 million

When you order from us you choose your new guttering from a wide selection of different styles and colours

We emphasise customer service by creating dedicated departments to deliver it. If you’ve got a question at any time we’ll be able to answer it

We prioritise the safety of employees and customers alike by insisting that all access equipment is chosen to meet the latest health and safety standards

Customers who come to us have the security of knowing that they’ve chosen the leading UK experts in the field of concrete gutter removal and replacement

Failing concrete gutters threaten the fabric of your home

The state of your finances and even the health of your family. Contact us today to discuss the only guaranteed solution to the problem.

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