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How Long does it normally take to Replace Concrete Gutters?

Concrete guttering replacement is a specialist field however the competent installer should be able to replace concrete guttering with uPVC within the space of two days.

Preparation with home improvements will lead to a painless execution. The installations manager in the office will study the pictures of your property and assign a fitting team to your property.

Any scaffolding that is required will be organised in house making the whole process for the customer streamline and hassle free. Mother Nature has a weird way of causing issues to us all at some point or another, so all our installations are weather dependant.

The installations department are always in constant contact with the customer before the installation, during the installation and after the installation so should there be any issues the customer will be told in plenty of time to try and cause minimum disruption.

The worse case scenario Adeft have seen in their time within the industry occurred in Wiltshire when a company took 9 days to do the front of the property and 2 weeks to replace the rear of the property.

This in the mind the scaffolding was up for the duration of this installation.

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