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I am a Mid-Terraced Property can you still replace my Concrete Guttering?

There are 2 different ways of replacing concrete guttering. The first way requires extending the roof rafters and adding uPVC to these which in turn results in the new uPVC sticking out further than the original concrete.

This method also requires adding in another 2 rows of roof tiles. When this method of installation has been completed, this means any kind of joint with the neighbours is severed as the uPVC is a stand-alone unit.

The companies that undertake this are only able to undertake terraced properties if all the neighbours agree or the prospective customer is not bothered about breaking the flow of the guttering. It is not recommended as majority of terraced houses only have one downpipe serving 3 or 4 properties at a time.

Adeft will replace terraced properties with ease. The method of installation at Adeft allows the uPVC to finish in line with the other properties creating a continuous flow between properties without the fear of any leaks at the joins to either properties either side.

1 in 100 jobs for Adeft are detached properties, this means that most properties that Adeft replace are semi detached or terraced houses.

This means for any customer in the UK, Adeft can accommodate and replace the concrete guttering and eradicate damp and mould that has plagued households in the UK since they were installed in the 50s and 60s.

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