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Which is better: Lining or Full-Replacement?

Lining is unfortunately a temporary solution; some people will have had a good experience with lining however the consensus with lining is that it is not a sustainable solution. A quick google search will reveal linings lasting mere months.

Customers are offered large guarantees that are not honoured should issues arise. Aluminium linings are drilled into the concrete guttering and water can sit underneath the lining being absorbed into the already very porous concrete guttering.

Majority of linings are designed to protect the external concrete guttering rather than help any issues that have developed internally.

When internal issues have arose, the chances are that the only course of action from there is to replace the concrete guttering, this will save wasting money in the short term. Although concrete guttering isn’t a cheap option it is the most cost effective in the long run.

Replacing concrete guttering completely will not only give your home a new lease of life but it will also rid your property of damp and allowing you to redecorate without the fear of black mould and damp reappearing.

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