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Why should I replace my Finlock Concrete Gutters?

If your house was built between the mid 1950’s and the late 1960’s there is a very good chance that you have Finlock concrete gutters installed. It is equally likely that in the years since then that the concrete guttering has caused you more than a few problems.

Finlck concrete gutters image

How Concrete Gutter Replacement Works?

Like many people, you may now be looking for the right company that offers concrete gutter removal and replacement. It is time to replace your Finlock gutters with modern, effective, and durable alternatives.

There is no getting away from the fact that choosing to go down the route of concrete gutter replacement can be daunting; however, the good news is that Adeft Services Ltd is the leading UK company when it comes to replacing Finlock gutters.

The Adeft philosophy is to settle for nothing but the very best.

The philosophy of Adeft Services is protected, enhanced, and guaranteed and we don’t believe that our customers should settle for anything but the absolute best when it comes to concrete gutter replacement.

The truth is, you may find someone willing to complete Concrete gutter removal for a price lower than what we quote, but the fact of the matter is, they simply will not carry out concrete guttering services to the impeccable standards which we view as our default settings.

Cutting costs, all too often, means cutting corners which results in replacement of finlock concrete gutters which aren’t fit for purpose and won’t stand the test of time or, even worse, irreversible damage to your biggest investment, your home. We never lose sight of the fact that the guttering we install becomes a permanent part of the structure of your home, that is why we are happy to offer unrivalled guarantees, assurances and after-care.
When you come to Adeft Services, you come to people who will respect your home and leave it in the kind of condition that we would expect for our own homes.

Finlock concrete gutters Installation.

So, what are they exactly?

The idea behind Finlock concrete gutters was that the rear internal section would act as a lintel and support the main roof, and the external section would provide an all in one finlock guttering solution.

There are two main types of concrete gutters; Rounded and Square, the difference between the two types other than shape is that the square design has faceplates on the front section which over time can work loose and fall off.

structure of finlock concrete gutters explained in this image

...and then there’s the problems that Finlock concrete gutters cause.

The problems caused by Finlock gutters can be traced back to intrinsic design features and this means that cosmetic or partial solutions for finlock gutters are never going to make things better. The gutters work internally and externally, with the internal section acting as a lintel for the roof and the external section being a self-contained guttering solution for finlock gutters.

old concrete gutters image
old and broken concrete gutter with damp

One major issue impacting upon people unlucky enough to have a house with Finlock gutters is internal damp – cold air can travel from the outside of the guttering to the inside of the property, and water itself can leak through cracks.
In both cases, unpleasant and unhealthy damp patches can form in bedrooms and bathrooms. In some instances, the damp only gets as far as a cavity wall space, where it soaks into and destroys any insulation, rendering it completely ineffective, often without the homeowner’s knowledge.

The most common problem involves water leaking from the external section of the Finlock gutter, causing damp patches on the render of a house or discolouration of the brickwork. It probably doesn’t need saying that both of these problems are not only unsightly, but the damp can also lead to even more serious issues.

Old Finlock concrete gutter causing problem

...and the problems Finlock Concrete Gutters cause

Some customers come to us because the weight of their concrete guttering has caused the window frames below to sag, while many others are unhappy with the way the guttering makes their home look. Other major problems include the faceplates, which are attached to the square versions of the guttering, coming loose and falling off, or as the concrete guttering ages and decays, sizable sections of the guttering itself coming detached and crashing to the ground. Adeft Services deliver a service which genuinely changes people’s lives as the problems caused by Finlock guttering can be unsightly and unappealing through to genuinely dangerous. We can fix your concrete gutter problems in a quick and effective manner.

This image contains Happy cutomer of adeft

“The new guttering on our property looks amazing in
comparison to the old concrete guttering. No more water
seeping into the house through the cavity wall. We will save some money on constantly redecorating now!.”

Mr Harris | Hertfordshire

Must Know FAQ's About Finlock Gutters

Why do Finlock Gutters Fail?

There are several reasons Finlock gutters fail, but the route of all the issues is due to porousness. Finlock gutters tend to break down because of water getting into the structure and causing a multitude of issues.

Some of the issues are listed below:

  • Cold/thermal bridging
  • Sagging
  • Pests
  • Guttering has no pitch
  • Failing joints
  • Damp and mould

When were Finlock Gutters Used?

Finlock gutters were used on homes between 1950s-1970s as an alternative to steel.

How do You Repair Finlock Gutters?

There are a few ways to repair concrete gutters, depending on the problem. If you are having issues with your concrete gutters you can choose to have a gutter replacement, gutter repairs, or gutter lining installed.  

How long do Concrete Gutters Last?

Concrete gutters can last up to 50 years, but they are a failing system and can begin to cause issues much sooner than this.

What is Finlock?

Finlock is another name for concrete gutters.

Can you Remove Concrete Gutters?

Yes, you can remove gutters. You can also repair and line them if there are issues.

How do you Repair Finlock Gutters?

There are many ways to repair your concrete gutters. If you are seeking a repair, contact us today to discuss options and arrange a free quote. However, the best way to solve concrete gutter issues is to have them replaced.

Why do you Need a Concrete Gutter Replacement Specialist?

Concrete gutters are a failing system and are not always known by regular gutter specialists. Therefore, if you are seeking a concrete gutter replacement you should contact a concrete gutter specialist for the best information, quotes, and guidance.

How much does it cost to remove finlock gutters?

There is no fixed finlock gutter removal cost. We access costs based on the amount of work needed. If you are concerned about concrete gutter replacement and the relevant costs, please contact us today and arrange a quote free of charge.

For more information visit our blog from here.


What are finlock gutters?

Finlock gutters put simply, are concrete gutters built on the side of your home, typically found on homes built between the 1950s-1970s

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