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Gloucestershire Concrete Gutter Replacement

If your house has finlock guttering installed then it’s one of only 70,000 in the whole of the UK to be built with this system in place. The reason why finlock gutters, which are commonly known as concrete gutters, were never installed in greater numbers is that that the faults they always develop can have a huge impact on the lives of people living with them.
These faults take the form of concrete gutter problems involving water ingress into the house in question.

When a concrete gutter fails in this way the water is able to attack interior walls and ceilings, leaving water marks, creating damp patches and encouraging mould to grow. As if the damage to the building wasn’t bad enough, damp conditions of this kind have the potential to damage the health of people living in the house. It’s little wonder that people suffering in this way are often desperate to source effective concrete gutter solutions.

Why Replace Concrete Gutters?

The bad news is that the solution often suggested is anything but effective. It involves repairing or replacing the concrete gutter lining, which is only intended to seal gaps.

Dealing with the lining will do nothing to stop the wider problem of a failing concrete gutter, however, and will actually make things even worse. The good news is that the experts at Adeft know exactly what will deal with the issue of a failing concrete gutter, and it’s removing the gutter completely and installing a uPVC replacement.

Here at Adeft Services LTD we know everything there is
to know about concrete gutter replacement.


Concrete Gutters Throughout Gloucestershire

We’re experts at removing and replacing concrete gutters, and when you get the work done by us you’ll enjoy numerous extra benefits:

All the work we do is carried out by our own experts, who have more than two decades experience of delivering excellence to draw upon

We offer our customers the option of a flexible payment plan which allows them to spread the cost rather than having to pay in full up front

Our work comes with a 10 year insurance back warranty which offers much more protection than an industry standard written guarantee

We only ever use components made from the best grade A uPVC. This means that our soffits, fascias and guttering will stay in excellent condition rather than fading in 12-18 months as happens with low grade uPVC

We keep everyone involved with the installation process as safe as possible, by ensuring that all access equipment adheres to the highest standards of health and safety

Our customer can relax in the knowledge that Adeft are quite simply the leading UK experts in their field

We provide public liability insurance worth up to £5 million

Our customer service provision is the best there is, offering dedicated departments to answer questions on everything from arranging an initial quote to choosing the guttering you’d like

We believe in customer choice so we offer solutions in the widest possible range of styles and colours

If you’ve got failing concrete gutters then you’ve got big problems

Which affects the condition and value of your house, your finances and even the health and well-being of your family are all at risk. Get in touch with us today to make that risk go away.

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