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How Much Does It Cost to Replace Finlock Concrete Gutters?

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Finlock Concrete Gutters?

Concrete gutters (also known as Finlock gutters) were built on homes between the 1950s-1970s. Concrete gutters were originally used as an alternative to steel gutters due to steel being used in the war effort and therefore becoming a scarce material. Finlock gutters were thought to be a reliable gutter solution, but over time they have proven to be unreliable and breakdown over time.

How long do concrete gutters last?

Concrete gutters have a lifetime of about 50 years but can break down at any point. Essentially, they are a failing system and will always inevitably fail. Over time, a lot of factors can contribute to the breakdown of concrete gutters, such as weather, general wear and tear, pests, poor fitting, porousness, etc.

Why do concrete gutters fail?

Over time they begin to wear down and become porous: losing their waterproof properties. This then allows water to seep through and cause issues as long as the gutters stand. Problems such as:

Lining failure

Lining failure appears due to the consistent expansion and contraction of the lining because of changes in temperature. Thermal changes will eventually lead to weaker points of the structure separating. Lining failure is problematic and should be addressed immediately to avoid further damage. In cases such as these, Finlock gutter removal is the best solution to ensure the problems do not return.

Cold/thermal bridging

Cold/thermal bridging can be difficult in all weather conditions and can even affect your energy consumption and how well your home insulates. When these problems happen, it can sometimes cause the wallpaper to peel away at the tops of the wall, ruining the beauty of your home.

Sagging/uneven gutters

If there is not adequate filling or strengthening when the gutters are fixed, they can begin to sag. This can make windows difficult to open or close, as well as ruin the beauty of your home.

No pitch on the gutter

Finlock gutters were installed on the top level of the walls, leaving the rain has no escape. This can end up causing more damage over time as the water settles and remains in the gutter for too long.


Concrete gutters aren’t very good at draining away water, resulting in water remaining in the gutter and causing issues with the fabric of the building. This can be bad for your home and your health.

Damaged interior

Damp and mould can cause serious issues for your home’s interior. Damp and mould growth can cause wallpaper to peel away from the walls. As well as producing water stains and damp on the walls. Redecorating will be the only solution, but the problems will return unless you replace your concrete gutters.

A Finlock gutter replacement is the most effective way of removing the issues brought about by concrete gutters, however, Finlock gutter replacement cost is something homeowners need to consider.

How much will it cost to replace guttering UK?

There is no fixed concrete gutter removal cost. We access costs based on the amount of work needed. If you are concerned about concrete gutter replacement and the relevant costs, please contact us today and arrange a quote free of charge.

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