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Replacing Concrete Gutters In Cambridgeshire

Across the whole of the UK only 70,000 houses were ever built with finlock gutters installed. That’s because finlock gutters, which are commonly known as concrete gutters, have flaws in them which mean they are bound to fail over time, and the problems caused when they do fail are very serious indeed.

Concrete gutter problems relate to the fact that a failing gutter allows water to make its way to the inside of the house. This is known as ‘water ingress’ and is extremely detrimental in a number of ways. Some of the signs that concrete gutters are failing in this way include the appearance of water marks and damp patches and, even more seriously, the growth of mould on interior walls and ceilings. As well as looking unattractive and lowering the value of a house, factors like this can create an unpleasant and even unhealthy environment for the people living in a home.

Finlock Concrete Gutter Replacement

Accessing concrete gutter solutions is clearly a matter of some urgency for anyone in this position, but the solutions offered often fall well short of solving the problems being caused. These solutions often involve concrete gutter repair, which means fixing or repairing the waterproof lining of the gutter.

Unfortunately, since this lining is only meant to seal the gaps, fixing it will only make the problems worse. The inevitable reality is that the only effective means of dealing with concrete gutter problems is to have the gutters removed and then replace them with a modern, no maintenance uPVC alternative.


Access our unique concrete gutter replacement solution

by choosing the experts at Adeft Services LTD, then as well as fantastic new gutters you will enjoy all of this:

The chance to select your new guttering from a wide range of styles and colours, so the end result look amazing as well as working perfectly

Access to customer service provision delivered by dedicated departments with the expertise and experience needed to answer all and any of your questions

The peace of mind of knowing that the access equipment used by our teams has all been certified as conforming to the latest health and safety regulations

The protection of our £5 million public liability insurance

The knowledge that Adeft Services are quite simply the leading UK experts in the specialised field of concrete gutter removal and replacement

Everything we install – including soffits, fascias and guttering – is manufactured from grade A, high quality uPVC. This commitment to quality means that the systems we install won’t start to fade and discolour after 12-18 months

All of our installation work is done by teams of expert technicians with more than 20 years’ experience of delivering excellence for our customers

Long term security on the basis of our 10 year insurance back warranty, which offers much more protection than a standard written guarantee ever could

We keep things affordable by offering our customers flexible payment plans which enable them to spread the cost of concrete gutter replacement

If you have concrete guttering on your home then it will eventually fail.

When it does it will damage your property, impact on your finances and put the health of your family at risk. Get in touch with us today and we’ll work to make sure none of that happens to you.

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