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Somerset Concrete Gutter Replacement

Concrete gutter systems were only ever installed in around 70,000 houses being built across the UK. The reasons for this relatively small number lie in the problems which are often a part of the system. Concrete guttering has a tendency to fail in ways which can impact on the lives of householders and damage the fabric of a structure.

The solution which is generally offered when dealing with failing concrete gutters is to simply replace the lining. This is a highly flawed approach, however, since the lining itself was only ever intended to play the role of sealing concrete guttering along the joins between concrete blocks. Put simply, if the concrete of the guttering is failing then replacing the lining won’t do anything on its own to stop the situation getting worse over time.

Why Replace Concrete Gutters?

If you live in a house with concrete gutter problems then the impact will vary depending upon the severity of the problems themselves and the location of the guttering which is failing.

In all cases, however, these problems will be extremely difficult to deal with, and could include water ingressing into the property and creating unsightly dis-coloured water marks, damp patches on the interior walls of the house and mould growth where moisture is present.

Simply putting up with all of this or tinkering with the concrete gutter or concrete gutter lining doesn’t have to be an option, however, since the best concrete gutter solutions are those offered by Adeft Services LTD, which means complete concrete gutter replacement with a modern uPVC alternative.

Here at Adeft Services LTD we know everything there is
to know about concrete gutter replacement.


Concrete Gutters Throughout Somerset

If you come to us to have your new uPVC gutters installed, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

You can spread the payments via our flexible options, making Adeft solutions much more affordable

Everything we do is covered by a 10-year insurance back warranty, offering much more peace of mind than a standard guarantee

Work carried out by expert installers who’ve been doing the job for more than 20 years

Rather than a simple written guarantee we offer the added peace of mind of a 10 year insurance back warranty

The knowledge that you’re working with the leading UK experts in the replacement of concrete guttering with newly installed uPVC solutions

Public liability cover worth as much as 5 million pounds

Work done using access equipment which meets the very latest health and safety requirements

Comprehensive customer service provision, with specific departments to deal with issues such as arranging an initial quote and answering questions during installation itself

A range of styles and colours offered when choosing your uPVC solutions

Putting up with failing concrete guttering could cause permanent damage to your home

Cost you lots of money and even impact on the health of your family. Solve the problem today by making a call to Adeft to ask about new uPVC guttering.

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