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Staffordshire Concrete Gutter Replacement

Concrete gutters, which are sometimes called finlock gutters, were only ever installed on 70,000 houses built in the UK. This is a relatively small number for the whole country, and the reason it isn’t any higher is that concrete gutters come with inherent flaws. These flaws mean that any concrete gutter will fail, and when it does the consequences are extremely serious.

The major consequence of a failing concrete gutter is that water is allowed to ingress into the house. Once this happens the water can attack interior walls and ceilings, causing serious and long term damage. Outward signs that this is happening might vary from case to case, but will include water marks, damp patches and the growth of unhealthy mould. The last of these is particularly important as it poses a potential threat to health.

Why Replace Concrete Gutters?

Concrete gutter problems of this kind are crying out for effective concrete gutter solutions. Sadly, the solution usually offered involves the concrete gutter lining, which can indeed be repaired and replaced.

This lining is only meant to seal gaps so fixing it will actually only make the problem of water ingress worse.

The only solution which really deals with the issues caused by failing concrete gutters is to have them removed and replaced. The replacement should be a modern, no maintenance uPVC alternative, and the best people to do the job are the experts at Adeft Services LTD.

Here at Adeft Services LTD we know everything there is
to know about concrete gutter replacement.


Concrete Gutters Throughout Staffordshire

If you come to us to have your concrete gutters replaced you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

Knowing that your installation work is being carried out by highly trained experts who’ve been delivering concrete gutter replacement for more than two decades

We only use the best, grade A uPVC, This means that our guttering, soffits and fascias won’t fade after 12-18 months like those made of lesser quality uPVC

Our solutions are more affordable because our customers can make use of flexible payment plans to spread the cost over a longer period

Our 10 year insurance back warranty offers much more reassurance than an industry standard written guarantee

We have public liability insurance which is worth as much as £5 million

Our customers can choose from a huge range of styles and colours, enabling them to select uPVC guttering which looks exactly how they want it to look

Our customer service commitment is reflected in dedicated departments created to answer customer questions from initial quote through to final installation and beyond

We put safety first by insisting that all of the access equipment used on our installations meets the latest standards for health and safety

When a customer comes to Adeft they soon realise they’re working with the leading UK experts in this highly specialised field

Failing concrete gutters have to be dealt with as quickly and effectively as possible

If not they could damage your home and even impact on the health of your family. Contact us today to find out how to stop that happening.

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