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What happens when you go for price, not quality?

There are two types of company that specialise in the removal of concrete guttering:


We take great pride in knowing we are the biggest and the best when it comes to the removal of concrete guttering. As I’m sure you can imagine this does however mean we are not the cheapest. Using the best materials, fitters, staff and offering the best service all costs money. However sometimes going with a cheap company can work out a lot more expensive in the long run.

Cheap alternatives

We are often met with the comment "We've had a quote for cheaper than that" from some customers.

What people do not realise is that the cheap alternatives do not use the Adeft Unique installation technique. It is not as simple as 'cutting the concrete off and sticking some plastic up'.

Failed installations due to inferior workmanship

These are some photos of work carried out by our “competitors” along with a brief explanation of what exactly has gone wrong. Most of these photos were obtained by us when the customers came to us to resolve the problems they were having, usually because the cheap company they used didn’t return their calls. Obviously, we will not stoop as low to name these companies, however most of them claim to be the best.

Concrete Gutters causing damage to homeowners house

1   Damaged rendering

This picture shows where a company has chiselled off the concrete blocks causing a lot of damage to the rendering, they have also cut the concrete back too far leaving no room for the soffit board, this would suggest there is no timber faceplate behind the fascia.

Timber Face Plates

2   Complete refit required

This was a horrific job we were called out to, the customer had paid £2500 to have their gutters replaced and then when it all went horribly wrong the company they used were nowhere to be found, when we went out and were able to simply pull this section of fascia, timber and gutter off as it was only held on by one small screw. You can see the awful state in which the materials have been cut and the poor quality of the uPVC. This poor customer had to pay almost double to have the work done properly after wasting £2500 on this awful job.

Why Adeft | uPVC Guttering done Poorly

3   Botched installation

This is a common fault and something customers may not ever spot unless they either inspect the work afterwards or when they start getting extreme damp. As you can see in this photograph there are quite a few faults, surprisingly the work looks great from below which is all the customer can see.

Firstly, the EPS tray has been slid on top of the existing felt meaning not only will it not function but also any water that gets through the tiles along the bottom of the roof will end up inside the customers property.

Secondly the join has been sealed with an enormous amount of silicone and not much else, needless to say this won’t last much more than 6 months before it starts to leak, we were hired to do next doors guttering which is how we stumbled across this lovely

Concrete Gutters Breaking down

4   Blocked join to neighbour

For some reason this company have done everything they needed to do to join the uPVC gutter to next doors concrete but have then forgot to cut the stop plate so the water can get across, this left the neighbour without a downpipe or anywhere for their water to go other than over the front of their concrete guttering. You can see what a mess this looks in comparison to our join photos.

Concrete Gutters Failing

5   Bad join

We are not sure what has happened here, it looks like they have attempted to join the new uPVC guttering into next doors concrete guttering with cement, as you can see from the damp patch in the corner it clearly is not a method that is working out too well.

Broken Concrete Gutters

6   Poor quality

This is a typical case of cheap materials, no doubt this job looked great on day one of installation but in a short amount of time the fascia and gutter has discoloured. They also did not use a soffit board and God only knows what has been done at the join.

Buy cheap - Buy twice!

We really cannot stress enough how important it is to do this job properly the first time, almost all of these examples could only be fixed by way of a complete re-fit, stripping off all of the other companies work and completely starting afresh, often costing the customers thousands of pounds, all because they tried to save a few hundred the first time round!

Happy Customers of Adeft

“Just a note to say thanks to all for a great job done. From the sales rep (Craig) who was very informative but with no hard sell, to Mark and the fitting team who were very efficient, hard working and clean and tidy. They did an excellent job and I would have no hesitation in recommending Adeft to anyone. And all for a very good price so once again many thanks."

Mr & Mrs Stevens | Swindon

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