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Why Concrete Gutters are Bad

Why Concrete Gutters are Bad

Finlock gutters aren’t very widely known, and they appear on only a fraction of homes in the UK. Those with Finlock gutters understand they come with an array of problems, which has prompted a lot of homeowners to have a concrete gutter replacement.

Finlock gutters, which are also known as concrete gutters, were originally built on homes between 1950s-1970s. Concrete gutters was used as an alternative to scarce materials (such as steel) that were used in the War effort. Despite their strong beginning, Finlock gutters have shown to break down over time, becoming porous and prone to several issues for homeowners. This is both frustrating and costly and has given Finlock gutters a deserved bad name.

Some of the common problems associated with Finlock gutters:

Lining failure.

Lining failure is caused by water that has seeped through due to the failing of the Finlock gutters. It can be incredibly problematic and can lead to other issues and further damages. As such, it should be addressed immediately to avoid further costs.

Cold/thermal bridging

This can be challenging in all weather conditions and can even affect your home’s energy consumption as well as how well your home insulates. When these problems occur, it can sometimes cause the wallpaper to peel away from the wall, damaging the beauty of your home and resulting in further redecoration costs.

Additionally, Finlock gutters can wear down and begin to sag which affects the beauty of your home and the guttering’s functionality. Sagging can put further pressures on your windows and hinder their functionality also.

Due to Finlock gutters lack of reliability with water, they aren’t very good when draining away water. The water can remain in the gutter system for long periods of time and can cause issues with the fabric of the building which increases risk of mould and damp growth. In extreme cases, the water will cause a puddling effect and can attract pests or begin to collapse the guttering.

Damp and mould can start to grow due to failing gutters. This can cause further issues for the interior of your home. The damp and mould can grow substantially, causing the wallpaper to come away from the walls and potentially be an issue for your health.

Concrete gutter replacement

As mentioned above, Finlock gutters cause a lot of issues for homeowners and almost always rack up a large bill of repairs. Due to their porousness, the issues will likely return and have to be repaired once again. The only way to resolve the issues is to invest in a Finlock gutter replacement.

A concrete gutter replacement is the best method to fix all concrete gutter issues and should be considered above all repairs as it is the most effective fix and the most economical solution in the long run.

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